I HATE NETWARE!!! After comparing Netware to this, I see no reason whatsoever why ANYONE would want to use Netware…Anyone could setup an LDAP server, along with some patches for say SAMBA and PAM, could do something relatively similiar… and for FREE! Needless to say, I wish to avoid Netware at all costs from now on. I tried running it on the BSD box, which is a P100, with 40 MBs of RAM. Netware 4.11 installed and ran fine. But I didn’t have the Internet Access Suite, which has an IPX-IP gateway that I wanted to try out. So I download a Netware 5.1 demo ISO, burn it to CD.. and attempt to install it. First it complains about the little amount of RAM… Whatever, ignore it. It launches this graphical installer (complete waste of resources, IMO), and proceeds to SIT THERE. I mean for a good 20 minutes. This is when I gave up, and said “down”. Restart… All screwed up. Back to square one. Take my main machine down (766 Mhz, 128 MBs RAM) and installed it on that, using the HD from the NetBSD box. Installs fine. After about an hour of trying to get it to work in the BSD machine (becuase of OUT OF MEMORY errors) I finally get it to work…albeit without the web support, or GUI. Then I discover: NO STUPID IPX-IP GATEWAY!!! I need to get BorderManager for that. Two words: Forget it! And that is why the machine is NetBSD once again. :-) Novell sucks. Don’t buy it. And avoid NIMS (Novell Internet Messaging System) AT ALL COSTS. No documentation, and is slow. Use QMail instead. { End of Rant }