Well, netbsd went offline yesterday…Had to give the network card back to a friend, but hopefully I should be getting another card on this Sunday from my friend Andrew. So, IPv6 web connectivity is down at the moment, but it will be back soon… you can still ping floyd.ipv6.drobnak.com to test your (and my) IPv6 connectivity. My old AT&T answering machine finally bit the dust yesterday also – so, I set up vgetty instead on my main machine… It’s actually working quite well. I have it setup to record a message, convert it to wave format (I will make it MP3 when I compile an encoder), and then email me saying I got a voicemail message. I have a “Biff” like indicator in Enlightenment, so I can easily see if I’ve gotten any voicemail when I login. It’s quite cool.Physics sucks. That is all.