Well, we’ve undergone a few changes here. I have been done with my classes at school since the 15th or so, so I’m taking a little break, becuase unfortunately I have to take Physics I over again during summersession II which is June 11th - July 19th. Kinda sucks. But it’s only two daysa week. Hopefully I’ll get a job at CompUSA or Staples so I have some sortof income. Other than Physics I did pretty well. I got 3 “A”s - CollegeWriting, Computer Science I, and Intro to Engineering II. I got a “C” in Calc II, and a “D” in Physics.. man, I deserved a C. Anyways, changes to thesite consist of going from two machines back down to one, I’ll elaborateon this in a minute. I also set up a database with my grandmother’s recipies in it, to get some DB experience (PostgreSQL), and to make it easierto edit for my aunt, who is in Florida.