As for the specific reasoning that there is only one machine now.. Well, it’s like this. It was approximately 2 AM, probably like 1:58 or so..And I’m listening to my radio, attempting to fall asleep. 92.3 K-Rock, and thesong “Du Hast” was playing. About halfway through the song, all of a sudden Isee this big ass flash of light, and a really frickin LOUD boom… And then,complete and utter silence. I mean silence. So you’d think thatsomebody would have heard that noise….But no, in the morning Con Edison had to be called, becuase they were unaware of the situation. Longstory short (too late, I know…), we didn’t our power back for a total of14.5 hours!, or 6:30 PM that night. Very annoying. So, to savesome electricity, the HP machine was taken off line, as the netbsd machine hasmore horsepower anyways.