Now I’m doing all these updates at once, hehe, but here’s what wasdone: I installed PHP 3, and PostgreSQL 7.0 on the NetBSD machine. I have anew computeri that I picked up at the Trenton Computer festival, a 120 MHz PowerPC 601, with 32MBs of RAM. Very “peppy” for the processing speed.It is running Linux 2.4.4 kernel, using the Yellow Dog Linuxdistribution, and a Quantum 1.2GB SCSI drive. It has PostgreSQL 7.1 on it, aswell as SSH, and SAMBA. It is also IPv6 capable. It can be reached at for pings and such. It is an Apple Power Macintosh 7200/120. It’s really not that bad.. MacOS is not too great, but you gotta love the speech synthesis. :-) That I think is everything.. I just gotta fix the script forthe BSD news, and everything’s “all good” again..