Well, after three different kernels, I finally settled upon the 2.4.3 kernel for pita. The other two that I tried were 2.4.4, and then .4patched to .5 – Well, let’s say there’s some problems lurking in those….4 - IPv6 NIGHTMARE… Put it this way: 2.4.4 + ping6 = DoS - EASILY… Whenthe CPU is tied up with something else, like dnetc, and it’s ping6’d, betweenthe 55th and 65th ping the machine will KERNEL PANIC… NOT GOOD.. So thenI tried compiling 2.4.5 without much luck, something with check_bit and mm.o.Oh well. Then I tried 2.4.3 (what I’m happy with on my x86 machines..) andit worked fine, except for a minor hiccup in the input layer. I’m using theolder keyboard driver for the moment, as it didn’t compile correctly with the new driver.Well, I’m off to see Matt’s house in Conn., will be interesting to see whathe’s done with the Alpha system….