Well, yesterday was fun, and I learned things from my friendsand from my family: From my friends - Yes, hot dogs can be burned prettybadly on an electric stove. From my family - Yes, london broil can be cookingat a point where it’s on fire.. Anyways, it was fun in CT, Matt has a pooltable, a cool neon sign (Molson), and basically a miniNOC.. it’s quite funny.. computers everwhere in his basement.. It was myself,Matt, Rory, and his brother Sean… Matt’s parents were away, so we had tofend for ourselves… So we played video games on the PC, watched part of a movie, took a tour of the house, etc.. Then we had to eat dinner… but thereweren’t enough things in the house.. so we all walked to the store.. at onepoint we actually raced each other running, it was quite funny…Then we allstarted cooking… I cooked the french fries first.. No deep frier, so we threwthem in the oven. Easy. Next I cooked the hamburgers, no problem.. Threw them in the oven to keep them warm. Then Rory decided to cook the hot dogs – bigmistake.. I was cooking the burgers at like 4, out of 10… Rory decides “Ilike my hot dogs well done” and puts it on NINE.. a few mins laterthe kitchen is, well, filled with smoke.. it was funny.. We then pulled Roryaway from the stove, and we all remarked that he won’t be cooking again withus any time soon…. Matt then took over cooking the remaining hot dogs, whichcame out very good, not burned at all.The rest of the meal was cooked fine, except the corn wascold when we went to eat it.. Oh well.