My goodness - haven’t updated this page in a LONG time. Well,two things happened recently that were pretty big - I had my birthday,and I went to MIT Swapfest. My birthday was OK. MIT Swapfest on the otherhand was cool in some respects, and a nightmare in others…It was cool in that we stayed at MIT for the night from Saturday untilSunday, and we got to see (quickly) what things were like at MIT. Well,let’s just say that things are very very different from Manhattan College..Total (within any realm of reason) freedom of expression – there weremurals on the walls of the dorms, record album covers stuck in the dropceiling tiles, all sorts of cool stuff… Computer and other electronicsgalore..One person was putting in their own LIGHTING into their room, keepin mind this is a DORM. Then again, the same person made a connected fridgecalled “Mr. Chilly.” Someone set up a wireless access point, we were playingaround with that using RFMadman’s wireless cards. Their “Athena” system ispretty funky…Alas, I didn’t get what I wanted to get from the swapfest. :-( The main thingsI was lookingh for were a DEC Alpha system (cause they’re cool), and a monitorswitcher and cables (cause I have too many machines, and only one monitor).However, I did get something cool – I bought two Dell/Cisco Aironet wirelesscards for $100! I then bought a PCMCIA reader for my desktop machine overthe net, and I’m using right now to surf the net wirelessly. :-) I alsopurchased a 512MB upgrade for my main machine, so that’ll be “pimped out”(to quote Matt), and I’ll throw the 128MB in my grandmother’s machine so itwon’t be a turtle any more….Wrote some more songs, fine tuning them, will post soon.