Well, things are finally fixed and up again. Between this Code Redcrap, and OO filtering port 80, to re-structuring my network, to…. well, you get the picture.In any case, everything is back up, IPv6 capable SUPERMAN to the rescue. :-) Superman ismy workhorse - my Apple Power Macintosh 7200/120 - damned fast and capable machine for it’s speed.It’s taking care of web (duh), DNS, and DHCP requests. My old webserver, netbsd, has been moved to a position of doing only routing a firewall, and my main machine, floyd, is now my personal one once again. It will become a full time Linux box, serving as a NAS (with nice tape backup) forthe network. That’s a little down the road when I put together my audio / video workstation.As for now, I will just reboot whenever I want to record something. Speaking of which, ideas are flowing, but are not being finished – I’m very lazy. :-( Eventually there will be moremusic. See the FOLK project for a very feature-filledLinux kernel.. using a subset of those features right now (I’m testing out JFS, low latency, andPacket CD-RW writing).Got a free machine from my friend Mike – thanks again man!I also put up public web stats for everyone to see.Getting extremely upset that my summer Physics I grades aren’t in yet…..