Things are seemingly returning back to normal here in NY. A fewdays ago I had an accident with my laptop, and I am really upset at Dell. Ipersonally will not buy from them again, and will no longer recommend themto others. It happened that I was on my way to school one morning, and Iwas a bit late. So I packed my bag a little faster than I usually do. Ialso packed my Calc book, which I almost never do. As a result, I put mylaptop inside of my bag in such a way that all the weight of the calc bookwas on the bag, and the laptop was on top of everything else, which I never do. In any case, after I got off of the bus, and I was walking to school, I was walking rather quickly, and I noticed when I was about 3/4 of the way there that my bag felt funny, and thought nothingof it. About (literally) 2 seconds later, my bag was open, and my laptop andcalc book were on the ground. Needless to say I was upset. I put it back into my bag, and then checked out what the damage was. I turned it on, and noticed that it was working for the most part correctly, however, that therewere a few things that weren’t quite right, one being the screen. I was ableto get the screen back correctly for a few seconds, so I am quite sure that the actual LCD panel is ok, and it’s just the connecting cable from thelaptop base to the panel that is damaged. Go Dell. When I went to order replacement parts from them, the support rail that was damaged wasin stock, however it would not get to me until around October 2nd. To saythe least, that sucks, considering I ordered it on the 20th. I have to call back after the 1st to even order the LCD connectioncable, becuase it was not in stock at the time. On a completely unrelated matter, I also completely re-structured my networkat my house, because in my router I have two wireless interfaces along withthe existing wired ethernet. I did have just one wireless interface, andbecuase of a misunderstanding, I thought I had to assign it a completelydifferent address range in order to do the correct routing for it. It turnsout that I did not, and I renumbered the interfaces to compensate for thisfact. See my new wireless page. I also switchedIPv6 providers, and theoretically I could become a tunnel provider for peoplein my area. I have an entire /48 to work with, which, in IPv6 addresses, is awhole lot of PCs. :-)