LCD is in the laptop, as well as a replacement voltage inverterfor the backlight. So now I can use my laptop (actually, I’m doing this updatefrom it right now), and the screen is in VERY good condition for $200…ithas one little, less than half the size of a penny, spot that the pixels areslightly broken - it displays almost the correct color, and it’s not verydistracting, so it’s OK. Can’t wait until Christmas, though I’m quite happyalready. :-) In other news, this week is finals week at my school, andyesterday was bad – I had Calculus and Physics finals… not fun consideringI forgot my calculator to use in Calc..Ouch. I think I got at least a C inboth classes, I was trying for a B in Calc. If I didn’t screw up the finalI’m almost certain I would have had it. I just saw that I got a B in “Literary New York,” which is cool. All my other teachers are slow - thatsthe only grade up there so far, but I’ve taken four finals already.I changed the layout of the site a bit, updated a few things, and made a newpage dedicated to cars. Check it out.