ACK!!!!! I hate Apple!! I hate Macs! Why couldn’t Apple makethe power button a little more difficult to turn off????? Well, my uptimestreak has ended at 141 days. :-( My router is still up, however, and I’mnot going anywhere near it!! It all came about as a result of a friendwho was over here taking a computer that I graciously gave to him…Hesuggested that I clean the inside of the Mac….So I did, which wentwithout problem, but when I went to put the case back on……I hitthe damn power button by accident… Ah well, at least my router is stillup….And I cant blame anything other than human error as the case ofthe downtime… Linux was still fine, and the machine is up again, butI will updating the kernel, and installing a nice 100Mbit network cardwhich should improve performance even more… I swiped the card frommy grandmother’s machine, as the DEC based one I had would only do 10Mbitwhich was kind of useless… I’m borrowing a tangerine iBook from work,and I’m writing on it right now, it’s running Yellow Dog Linux 2.1, andit works pretty decently, would be better if it had firewire and somemore ram… anyways, enough for today. Job is still going well, I have a key to the office now. :-)