Well, things have been hectic lately.. can you tell? I haventupdated the page in a really long time…Ok, I finally uploaded pictures of my laptop, my power mac (notice the missing power button, lol),and of my Nissan 200SX. I wrote a PHP based time management system, whichI will be selling soon, for a mere $10. I think it’s worth the amount oftime I have / will be putting into the program. I will have a demoversion up soon to evaluate if it’s worth it or not. :-) I’ll accept acheck, money order, or paypal. It works with the PostgreSQL database,but I will eventually modify it to work with other databases. Myselfand another co-worker are beta testing it, so, by version 1.0, I’llhave a demo up. More info soon… P.S. – Router is at 173 days. :-)