Well, I’d like to say Welcome! to all the 6bone users whohave recently been at my page…Putting that link to the site list was the bestthing I could have done – people now actually see my page. :-) In other news,school is kinda boring lately, but I’m catching up on all my subjects exceptfor Electrical Systems, that’s just plain impossible. I talked to my bestfriend from high school for over an hour last night, which was nice. Work willbe slowing down, as I’m out of hours, and as much as I like working there, I realy don’t want to be working for free (hell, I was already working there forclose to it!)…So I will be able to concentrate on school. The weather has beenvery hot yesterday and today, it’s like summer already. Makes me want to do lesswork. :-( Ah well, time to get back to studying Differential Equations..