Two down, one to skip, one to go. :-) I have finished myThermodynamics and Differential Equations finals…I think I did OK on both.I am skipping my Microcomputers final, and I should get a B+ in that class.And then comes the big one – Electrical Systems..That’s on Wednesday. Thatwill not be fun at all unfortunately. I bought a new computer, it’s prettynice – I’m still waiting on the motherboard and CD-RW though. Should behere tomorrow. After finals are over I will be getting back to work, so Ican make back some of the money that I spent! I get Dish Network now,which is really cool – I have the PVR model which kicks ass. Unfortunately,I also get to pay the bill. :-( Plus, I am going to get my car registeredand insured over this summer, which is going to be MORE bills every month –again not very fun. All I need now is to get a video switcher for the big TVin the living room, and I’m all set…I can borrow a video camera to doanalog -> firewire for now (I want to do video editing on my PC), andI can borrow Premiere 6.0 from work (I qualify for the upgrade, but can’tafford it right now.), so I will have a really cool computer, greatquality TV, and still some money in my bank account..gotta love it. Plus,my car will finally be on the road soon, which is even cooler, I can’t wait.I’ll report how fast the machine is when I put it together. :-)