Well, my uptime on my server is gone now…After an uptime of255 days, 4 hours and 19 minutes, I had to shut the machine down, because something blew up on my street – power transformer or fuse orsomething…The power went out on May 28th, at about 12:10 AM, as I was coming home from my good friend Mike’s house. I was just about to get out of the car, when there was this freaking LOUD sound, and big blue flash of light..needless to say I was a bit surprised by this…and I said “Damn, there goes my uptime,” and it did. Fortunately, Con Edison had the power back up in an hour and 10 minutes, which was much better thanthe 14.5 hours they took last time (255 days ago, duh). In more recentevents, I saw Sum of All Fears on June 2nd, it was pretty good…despiteit’s crummy ratings.I have figured out how to make DivX video look good, so I can make use ofmy firewire & my Dish Network PVR now, which kicks ass. :-) I can recorda show off TV, and then encode it for use on a CD-R, it works pretty well,especiall DivX 5.02 Standard…Finally, check out the links page as I’ve added in a link…thought-crime.org…wierd stuff