Hey Y’all! (I just had to do that) I got back from mytrip/vacation on the 19th.. I was in Texas from the 15th through the 19thbecause of a conference known as NECC. It was fun, there were a LOT ofexhibitors, but most of the time there was having fun. :-)The trip there was kinda long, about 4 hours, but it was a very smooth ride. I got some work done on TIMEKeeper (which I will be putting up a demo version soon), as well as just relaxing. Airport security was fun. :-) After we got there, the hotel was ok, but they forgot the rollaway bed that we had requested (there were three of us in one room). No big deal. We went to this place called La Margarita for dinner. Food was OK at best. Next day, Sunday, I attended a seminar on fiber-based networking, which was pretty interesting. That night we walked by the river in San Antonio, which is very cool.. it’s below street level, and usually has tree cover, so it’s a good place to be. There was this Steakhouse there too, it was REALLY nice. I had a 20 oz. porterhouse, which was really good! On Monday we toured the exhibit hall, which was very large. We talked withvendors such as 3Com and Cisco, specifically about VoIP (Voice over IP).Both vendors were kinda expensive. :-( It took a while to go through, butI saw some cool products there, so it was time well spent. We also wentto a Rodeo that night, which was a bit of a waste of time, except thatI got to see my friend ride the mechanical bull, which was cool. Thefood was bad, however. So, we headed out to the Hard Rock Cafe afterwards.On Tuesday, we “presented” in this little booth, but we got quite a bitof attention, so it was good. We went to this BBQ place for dinner,which was pretty good. We all had ribs, I had a full rack – that wasa LOT of ribs! After dinner we all saw The Bourne Identity, which waspretty cool.One Wednesday, our last day, we basically relaxed while the boss wentthrough the exhibit hall one last time. We then packed, and headed for theairport. Going through security was easy for me, as was coming down to TX,but not so easy for the rest of the people with me (they were carryinga lot more computers than I was, I only had one)…That was fun thingnumber 1. Number two, the food at the San Antonio airport really sucked.BAD. Three, they were bumping people off our flight, thankfully we didnot get bumped because we checked in so early. Fourth, the flight on theway back had way more turbulence, and we were in a holding pattern for30 mins over Virginia. After that, it was nice to be home.That was my vacation / business trip. :-)