Happy New Year! Apparently it’s been quite a whilesince I last updated this page… I’ve been a very busy student / worker!Well, I made it out of all my classes – except for my lab which I’mtrying to resolve - I have an Incomplete for some reason… I got a C+ in Signals & Systems, a B+ in Electronics 1, a B in BiblicalStorytelling, a B+ in Probability & Statistics, and an A inDiscrete Math! Overall I did pretty well, with a GPA of 3.118 forthe semester, and 3.156 overall. Christmas Eve was nice, we went upto my aunt’s house and had dinner and gave out 2 small gifts toeveryone. Christmas Day, on the other hand, was OK, but we weremissing 8 people (2 families) because of the weather. I ended upgetting a board game, a puzzle, a Dilbert Calander, a toolkit, some clothes, and the following DVDs: Ferris Bueler’s Day Off,Caddyshack, and This is Spinal Tap. :-) It was nice to get a few days off of work as well as school, but the new year was not very happy so far – on new year’s eve my grandmother went into the hosptial, thankfuilly she’s OK now.Also, I was informed that as a Christmas present, we were being audited at work! This meant that I had to go in on the 2nd. Oh, and to top it all off, I was sick during my entire vacation with a bad cold and cough. Thankfully I am recovering from this now.In HDTV land, I picked up a Dish 5000 receiver along with a 8VSB “Re-Modulator” which allows you to watch HBO & Showtime in High Definition! This was definately worth the price. I’ve recordedlike 10 movies already, so I’ve made back a bit of the price…Work resumes on the 6th, this monday. I have to learn Adobe Premierebackwards and forwards, and teach it in the next week. I also haveto return some defective equipment, and get our power and databackup solutions online ASAP. THEN, school resumes on the 20th –I hope I get this silly lab grade resolved by then, because it turnsinto an “F” if the professor doesnt get off her butt and returnmy call or my email! Oh well. That’s all for now!