Friday! Classes ARE bleh. lol On a serious note, there is an aspect which has never come through on this web page. However I feel that those who need to know, already know, so it won’t be a surprise, and to those who don’t know…They never needed to know, or it never came up. Well, I don’t think I need to say anything directly after writing the next line..I have a boyfriend (well, hoperfully…just dating at the moment, but here’s hoping…) that I’ve met recently, and I’ve been having a really good time being with him. At first things just seemed like they were doomed, becuase I was supposed to go out with him earler in the month on a Friday, but things happened, and then it snowed for our re-scheduled date on Sunday, and then we finally met on Monday, the day before classes start. I met his family today, and what a trip to get there lol..We were supposed to be where he lives at 8:30..well, lets just say that we missed a detour and ended up in Jersey! But then we made it there not too late. Then we hung out at his place for a while, before some of his other friends came over, then we all went to a movie. We saw “The Butterfly Effect” which was much better than anticipated (which is a trend for me recently..). Then we got some dessert at a diner, then headed home. He didn’t get lost going back home thankfully.. lol We don’t have a million things in common, but that’s OK – we have some things, and we like each other, which is the imporant thing.