Well…..Here I am, trying to do my uncle a favor, backing up all his files, and re-installing Windows XP. Of course, backing up the files isn’t as easy as a simple cd / ; tar jcvf backup.tar.gz * command….Nooo…Windows has to be
difficult…stupid Dr. Watson dump file I can’t read..So the file copy stops. So I try ZIP…Sorry.. 4GB and 65,536 file limit…OOOOOK…So I finally got it to work using WinRAR. BUT. It’s SOOOOOOOOO slow. Zip did 4 GBs in like 10 minutes. It’s at 3.05GBs…at 1 hour 45 mins. :-( With 4.5 hrs to go. So I’m gonna let that run overnight. Install XP in the morning, and then reinstall his software. Much fun. :-/