Well…I had a fun time with the replacement of my speedometer cable. First my uncle had me taking apart way too much stuff…But thanks to some great people on Club S12, I was able to take off the instrument cluster with relative ease (it’s only held in by two screws for the dash, pull up, and then 4 screws on the cluster itself.). So I got that in, no problem. Snake the new cable in next to the old. Connect it to the transmission. No problems still. Then. Try and put it on the instrument cluster. No go. Cluster won’t go back far enough. Look on the back of the cluster…DOH..Piece of old cable…Remove it. Note there’s a spring on the end of it still, don’t think anything of it. Cluster goes back fine. Screw cluster in. Take car off jackstand. Go for test drive. Speedometer works for about 2 seconds and dies. What the? Go back…Take it apart…See the spring. ALL MESSED UP. It broke the cable. Grr..Had to order a new one. Ah well. Thus is life.