First my uncle wakes me up early, when I planned on sleeping in late. Then I get up, eat breakfast, clean my room a little, and proceed to jack up my car to get it ready to do the emergency brake cables with my uncle. After doing so, he returns from getting parts for his truck, and starts getting things disassembled. I start taking the e-brake handle off in the car. 2 screws come off fine. 1 bolt comes off fine. But that last bolt…broke clean in half :-( So we then tried for the next half hour trying to get the bolt out. Gave up. Tried to get the cable out…that didnt work either…there was an obstruction of some kind. Then…the mail comes. American Express writes me to inform me that they are raising my interest rates, becuase of something that should never have happened, and wasn’t my fault. Then, to top everything, I never got to go to Nissan to pick up my last (hopefully) batch of parts before I get this car on the road. Now hopefully I can get my parts Saturday before they close, and then work on stuff on Monday. Aye.