My day was all over the place…Got up at 8 AM…Ate a quick breakfast, shaved, and showered…Was ready by about 9:40 to…Go to the NY Auto Show.. :-) We left my house about 9:50 AM, and got there about 11:10 AM…We took a convoluted way of navigating through NYC lol…Anyway, spend from 11 AM till about 4:30 PM at the Jacob Javits Center…They had some really nice cars there this year…I liked Ford’s stuff, I liked the Lincoln Aviator and Mark LT Concepts….The Dodge Viper didnt have too many people around it lol…The GT kinda drew the crowd away I think…I liked the Infinity G35, they have a AWD model this year. There were a few hybrids that were nice…Also, Dodge had a crazy car there..some older musclecar body, Viper V10, Viper interior, oh..and the V10 had a Novi 2k superchager on it lol…Most of the show was pretty normal looking..the usual types of way-out-there concepts and standard production vehicles…We also got to go on the Jeep course..which was cool…So 4:30 is when the better part of my day ends. Then begins the “huh??” part…I was supposed to meet KP this evening when I got back from the Auto Show…I was going to help him with some of his homework, then we were gonna go out to the movies…Well, I tried calling him at like 4:30, no answer. I figure, no problem, went to bed later than planned, slept later than planned. No problem. He was planning on going to bed at 1 AM…Which would have 2 PM be 13 hours of 4 PM would have been 15 hrs…which would have been fine cause of the lack of sleep earlier in the week. So then I say..ok, maybe went to sleep at 6 AM or something crazy..ok..will wait. Call KP back when we were heading out from the Auto Show. No answer. Call again when I get home about 45 mins later. No answer. Hmm..that’s odd..6 PM. Still saying ok could have stayed up late. Call at 7 PM. No answer. Call at 8 PM. No answer. Call at 8:30. No answer. Call at 8:45 PM cancelling plans for the night. Too late to start stuff at that point. So..As of now, I STILL haven’t gotten an email, call on my cell, or call on my landline from KP. I’m halfway torn between being worried, and being upset. So thats how my day went from good to bad really quick. Aye….