On Tuesday I had some quick fun with Mike…He was in his explorer, and me in my Nissan…Just a little friendly thing…I heard him start doing a brake stand…so I get ready to go of course…Nobody’s coming…and I’m saying to him, as the light is about to change…“No reckless driving here, sir”…light turns green, and I launch it perfectly lol….I have no idea how I did it :-D. So I nailed the launch, and chirped sencond and third lol…He had no chance mwuhahaha…And thats when I calmed down lol. Drove the rest of the way home with no incident. Now fast forward to yesterday, the 19th. I go to work no problem. But, my warning lights for windshield washer fluid, tail light out, low fuel, and my brake lights are on. Now, I have a 1/2 tank of fuel…Fluid might be low, I have no lights out, and the brakes were fine….Sooo..we figured it was a short (these lights were all on for a few days, and would randomly go on and off by themselves - or so I thought it was random)…So I get home, and I needed to fix the routing of one of my spark plug wires which I did recently. I decided to move the car down the driveway a bit, because I was going to wash it afterward. Well, I step on the brake once, no problem. Move down a little. Hit the brake again, no problem. Hit the brake a third time..it makes a thump…and the pedal falls more. “Huh??” Well…I try pumping the pedal, still the same, but now I hear something…I hear air and fluid, from what sounds like the back. It turns out that as I kept pumping the brakes, I was losing more and more fluid…So as it stands right now, I have no working brakes on my car, and it’s sitting in my driveway again. :-( I need to see what my uncle has to say, and see what needs to be replaced. Hopefully it’s just rubber hoses, which won’t be bad. If it’s hard brake line….I’m screwed. :-(