Today I had a job interview in the city…It wasn’t difficult to get to, which is good point number 1. I liked the guy who would be my boss, Sam. (He told me to call him Sam, which I thought was nice, instead of Mr. Magee)..The place isn’t huge, which I like. The day to day operations didnt seem to crazy, which is always a plus. They have benefits, a decent amount of time off, and the only real variable is salary, and learning Oracle and some java stuff. The only real downsides to the job are the 1 hour commute to and from the city, and a bi-weekly on-call requirement. But, the on-call isnt so bad, Sam said only once in 5 years did he have to actually go in the office to fix something. So, hopefully things work out and I get a job, can start paying off student loans, and saving up for my 2001 Ford Mustang Cobra. :-)