Well, the past couple days have been interesting…I got my slides and photos back from Adorama…The photos didnt come out as well as I would have liked..They did come on time, which was good. The prints were decent, but not spectacular (the film is grainy, but not bad for 800)…The slides…grrrr..They scrated every one of my slides! I wont go there again for film processing (I havent even looked at the negatives, they’re still in their protective sleeves)…I got my car working on Tuesday thanks to my friend Mike. :-) He helped me tremendously, and I’m gracious for it. But today I went to get an oil change, cause it’s so damn cheap at Nissan…Downside…Apparently, I have to make an appointment…grrr…So I do..Then I went to Sam’s Camera Exhange in Scarsdale, BS with them for a while, and find out there’s a local lab that does slide film! It’s in Hawthorne, called The Color Group..They do color negative, slides, and b&w film developing on premesis..in 3 hours…and the place is like 25 mins from me..much better than going to the city and having a two DAY turnaround lol.So, while on my way to The Color Group, which is on 9A in Hawthorne, I missed the place at first, and ended up getting on the parkway, and travelling into Pleasantville before getting back on track..But it was fun. So now I have a working car, a local lab, and a decent place for digital prints (Adorama is still great there…).