I went to see Spiderman 2 with my friend Steve and this girl Stephanie at the theater in Greenburgh. First, I decided to take the parkway instead of local roads…Well, on the parkway, about half way there, this car in the left lane (I was in the right, behind a Dodge Caravan), swirves in front of the Caravan, onto the GRASS..Thank God, the Caravan slowed down, I slowed down, nothing happened…But it was something to shake me up. I got to the theater early, so I went over to Steve’s house, and then we picked up Stephanie a little while later. We then went over to the theater, got our ridiculously overpriced food and drink, and went into the theater…7 minutes before showtime. Oops. Well, we didnt’ get a very good seat…We were in row “D”…So thats 4 rows from the bottom. Ouch. Ah well. The movie was very good, I liked it a lot. There were quite a few comedic parts in the movie. We went back to Steve’s house after dropping Stephanie off, hung out for like 5 mins, but by this time I wanted to get home, and Steve wanted to get to sleep, so I left…I don’t like to take parkways at night, so I took the local roads…Well, late at night, there’s nobody there, so I kinda got carried away with my speeds a couple of times…Well, on the border of Greenburgh and Ardsley, it goes from 45 MPH to 30 MPH, and well, I was a lot closer to 45 then 30 :-/….I got pulled over..DOH. Thank god the officer wrote me up for “broken license plate lamp”..otherwise I would have been toast..my license would have been revoked because of my 6 month probation which ends in August. The irony is that I stick to the speed limit STRICTLY in Ardsley for this exact reason during the day. I guess I’ll have to watch at night too.. :-/