One of my coworkers was later than usual today, so I was on my own for part of the morning. So I attempted to get the test box setup on my own. I got it working to a point, but there are still some things missing which will need to be filled in. The only other major thing I did today was start to setup another box which performs one of the other functions that we need. This particular box was a Solaris 8 box….Ugh. There was a problem when I attempted to build Apache. Apparently there is a “bug” in that if the directory you’re compiling Apache in has a symlink somewhere in the path it screws up the exports.c file by including certain header files twice, which causes major errors. There is a perl script to fix this, located in the Apache bug tracking database. Ran that on the file, and it finished compiling without a problem. Aside from that, I looked for some photo labs near my job, and I found two which should work out fine - Company Photo for E-6, and another place which is 2 blocks away from there for B&W (of which I have only shot 1 roll so far, and we shall see if I continue to shoot B&W stuff or I shoot color negative and make it B&W - I shoot mostly color slides right now), so on Monday I should be able to drop off both films and get them done shortly.