Upon arriving to court, early, no less, I was greeted with the ability to…sit and wait. I got there at about 4:15 PM, but traffic court apparently does not start until 5:00 PM. However, getting there early was not a complete waste - there was one person there waiting before I got there. There were about 10 people waiting when court started. The person that made it there before me was the first case heard, and I was second. The judge was not very nice to the first person, who ignored a right turn only lane…The person got 2 points on their license, and fined something like $120. Needless to say I was kinda worried at this point lol. However, they called my name, and I went forward. The prosecutor noted that I was carrying a few items, which included the paper with the inspection from the Yonkers PD saying I made the correction to my car. He said “this satisfies me, move to dismiss” and said I was free to go. :-) I was happy, and got out of there.