Today is an exhausting day so far. Again, not much done, but the stress is definately there. Made progress on the ad controller (last thing I was working on), and made up some documentation on the build up process, but still did not successfully get it working today. Both my co-worker and I had things to deal with in the afternoon, so neither of us was really able to get anything done after lunch, because I didn’t really know what else is missing, and he wasn’t there. I had to leave at 2:30 PM, to get to my house by 4 PM..which is crazy. I have to go to court by 5:00 PM, I hope I make it there on time and everything is ok. It certainly is a good thing I left at 2:30 PM to catch a 3:16 PM train to my house, becuase the Times Square shuttle was only running on one track because of some problem. So I hopped on the 7 for two stops and made it to Grand Central in about 8 - 10 mins later than I would have probably, but, with a lot less crowding, and I got there with no problem…Just had to find my way back to the station from the subway, because I am not used to coming in from that way. The escallator that you had to take to get up to the Mezzanine level of Grand Central was near verticle…But I’m here, sitting on the train, listening to my music and writing my journal/blog entry. Soon I will be able to update it in real-time – I ordered the data cable for my Samsung phone, and I should get it in a few days. Have I mentioned that I’m running Fedora Core 1 on my laptop? Ugh. I am running kernel 2.6.7, which runs pretty darn well. But, udev support doesnt work quite right in Fedora. Some things are better left to more ‘testing-friendly’ distributions - ie Debian (in my opinion, of course)… Enough for now, I’ll finish this when I get back from court. For now, music will suffice.