Today didn’t work out too bad…Finally got the Oracle SQL*Plus client working, which was giving me headaches. All that was necessary was to copy my tsnames.ora file to my home directory as .tnsnames.ora, which sqlplus picks up without trouble. Oh yeah. You can’t run sqlplus as root…it just doesn’t work. Not sure why. Anyways, after getting that far, we tried to get a nice GUI to work. My coworker and DBA for the office recommended TOra, which works mainly on Oracle, but has some small support for MySQL. Unfortunately, it didn’t work right for Oracle, and I have no use for MySQL lol…So, I set out to find another client, this one is written in Java (yuck, but, eh), called SQuirreL..Works nicely…and it works with anything that has a JDBC driver, which includes Postgres (Yay!)…Tested it, and it works with both. Not excellent, but not bad for a days work.