Finally got the ad controller talking to the extranet boxes, and everyone was happy…sort of…There were database errors that we really couldn’t look at because it was too late in the day. So it wasn’t too bad. Tomorrow tighten everything up, see if we can get it to work right…Then rebuild my test extranet machie that I started…Try and do it from the beginning to make sure I have the concepts down pat. Building the ad controller wasn’t too bad. I’m going to try and get a snapshot tar together tomorrow as well, so I’d have something to start from next time, rather than having to copy things from other machines…and have diffs so I can make just the necessary changes rather than changing the entire file. As for tonight, I hope to be able to relax a little bit…Gonna see if I can get together with friends tonight. On a side note, I got my check from school yesterday as well, so I can take that and deposit it tomorrow - that covers my credit card bills for this month. Then I’m going to use some of my “new” money
to get the timing belt done, as well as have the brakes looked at / fixed.