The last few days have been pretty good. I learned a bit about our database
system, got some practice with dropping and re-loading data, and fixed some of my issues with my databases at home. All in all, good days. I’ve been hanging out with my friend Jay, who I met through my friend / former co-worker Rich…Watched some movies and had a good time. I also met up with Ben last night, to discuss business…We should be ordering the SCT software either tomorrow or Monday, so we can really start to get this off the ground…I will be tuning Fords, mostly Mustangs at this place called Absolute Performance, Inc. in Yonkers. The only thing that kinda sucks is that I was unaware that I would have to put the cars on the dyno myself, but that shouldn’t be a problem with a few cars practice. I think the time and money investment will definately pay off in the long run, which is good for me, and it’s good for those in Westchester County, because as of right now there is no economical place to get Fords tuned in Westchester…The closest place is on Long Island, and the problem with that is that they are too far away, and on top of that, they charge a crazy amount of money for a tune, for one that will definately not be as good as something from SCT. I should meet the owner of the shop on Saturday. We shall see what unfolds.