Monday was definately full of stress. We had to bring the servers back up from the power shutdown over the weekend. When I got to my office in the morning, first there was one of the new hires there, waiting – at 8 AM. I was a bit surprised. I let him in, and I gave him a quick tour of the office. Afterward, I had a cup of coffee (someone had already brewewd a pot), and ate some quick breakfast. I finished that quickly (no internet to distract me lol), so then I went to the server room…To find three servers alreasdy turned on…Hmm…Ok. One of them was the server that was supposed to go up first, because it provided DNS. So I figured, great. I proceeded to power on other servers…Only one problem…Those three servers were Sun servers…In Sun limbo…They were stuck at the “ok” prompt. So that was fiasco #1…had to use a serial console cable to boot the machines from another Sun box…Which leads to fiasco number 3 later. Fiasco number two was me trying to fix a (to me) large security issue on one of the Linux machines..the use of crypt, because SuSE stupidly sets that as the default. So I made the change, then asked my boss if YaST had ever said that it made changes but didn’t…He then asked what I was doing, and I explained…and he said “Shouldn’t you be asking me about these things?” DOH..I figured it was a mistake (which in reality it is) because all the rest of our Linux boxes are MD5, but the idea was that I should ask him first. I can understand that. But I felt that I was bothering him a lot lately, and that to me it was “obviously” a mistake…Damn presumptions. Fisco #3 was after my boss had left early for new contact lenses…Because of the problem earlier in the day with the serial cable…I wanted to find a way to connect in via a PC, specifically, a laptop so that it could be portable to any of the Sun machines. So I was trying to find a cable that would connect successfully to the machine…so I was trying different adapters and and cables..And nothing seemed to be doing anything…Until I tried the cisco adapter and “roll over” cable…That did the trick…On the machine we were trying to identify (not labeled)…Which was fine..But..the problem was, the last cable I tried I also tried on another machine, which wasn’t good because while it didn’t give me an “ok” on the laptop, it did break it into management console (ie, bringing the machine to a screeching halt)…So I had to connect to the machines, tell them to “go” and everything was ok.