Well, tonight I got Paul’s car running great on NA power…It made 297 RWHP and 296 RWTQ, which is pretty respectable. This is at about 13:1 Air/Fuel.. Everything was going fine…Then we started the nitrous tune…Same settings, 6 degrees less timing, and a 12.5:1 AFR. This is on a 100 shot wet kit. First pull…Car did like 9.x:1 AFR, and made 320 RWHP. Not too good. Should have known here that something was wrong. Leaned up to 13:1 AFR, did another pull. Car made same HP, but with a 10.5:1 AFR. Something wasn’t right. Went and did another run with the same settings…This time, when the guy driving the car let off at 6000 RPMs, the car held at 5000 RPMs…Nitrous was still spraying! Shut the car off, which killed everything…but it was still spraying nitrous onto a closed throttle body. About 30 seconds or so later, it finally stopped. Scary as hell. The plugs were fouled out, and I don’t know if he’s gonna use nitrous, but we stopped for the night there. I’d never recommend it to anyone. Bottle == BAAAD.