Well everyone, I apologize for not updating this page more often..Things are kinda crazy…Work is good, varying between VERY busy and not so busy, depending on what day it is…My car is FINALLY back together, and home. It was in the shop for 3 weeks, getting various things fixed. Its together, fixed, inspected, and fun to drive. :-) Traction control is a definate must…I unfortunately will have to wait until it gets warmer again to really start to learn how to handle the car under adverse conditions, because this car is most definately not seeing snow. Even with traction control, it’d be dangerous. Plus salt would prety much kill the undercarriage of the car. In other car related news, Mike finally got his engine, and we fired it up last night (the 4th). Car sounds good, once he gets his transmission cross-member, the car will be drivable again (theoretically), and he just has to be able to stay out of boost for a couple hundred miles (much easier to do with a cetrifugal supercharger), the engine is 9:1 CR so it should still have some decent NA performance.
In other news, I’m going to Cape Cod for Columbus day, which should be interesting. I could use the change of scenery. In terms of relationships, I’m going out with someone again, this time someone who I met through one of my friends / old coworker, and who I’ve known for a little while, and things are going decently…It’s different from my first relationship, better in some ways, different in other ways, but still a minor issue of things in common. One major difference is that we can appreciate the things we don’t have in common, which wasn’t the case before. Time will tell, but I don’t think that even if this relationship were to end, that it would end on the same type of note that the last one did.
Ok, thats enough for one entry.