The answer, of course, is that I wasn’t thinking at all. Who would have thought I would be logging in stuff again so soon…The night started out ok, but it was obvious pretty quickly that I had made a mistake. I left work around 5:30 PM, a little later then usual. I went to dinner at a restaurant called Gus’ Place with Jay. Dinner was nice, it was a Greek restaurant, and the food was pretty good. Jay got me a dozen yellow (to match my car lol) roses, which was sweet. After dinner we headed back from the city. I was going to bring Jay with me to Mike’s house so they could meet each other, as he was gonna be finishing up with his car, so I was gonna help him with tuning. I wanted the two of them to meet, and for Jay to see what I do on the side…Well, things didn’t quite turn out as I planned. When I got home, I looked to see what Mike was up to..and I saw “thirsty turtle” as the away message…I gave him a call up to see what was goin on. Mike and a friend of his, and his friend’s cousin (who works there) was going up to the Thirsty Turtle, which is a bar. I said hell, why not. Well, that my dear friends was the mistake. Jay had two drinks with dinner already, and by the time we got out of the bar two hours later, he was repeating things over a few times, saying a bit more than I would have liked him to, and you could see that he had too much. He has had some problems with alcohol before, and I feel so stupid for taking him there. He says I’m a “good influence,” but last night I most definately was not. As long as he can keep the drinking under control, I’m happy. I don’t want to deal with someone who drinks too much - if I wanted to do that, all I have to do is look at people in my family. As I said in the last entry, time will tell.