Well the good was that I had a good time hanging out at home with my aunt from Florida and the rest of the family. We had birthday cake for her, which was an ice cream cake. The bad was that I didn’t go to Rich’s Halloween party, and it turned out that he didn’t feel well that day anyway. The pain in the ass part of the weekenend was a result of two things:
1) Pain in the ass kids on Friday night…Didn’t even see who did it…As I was driving home from dinner, at around 9:30…I was less than a mile from my house, and stopped at a red light. Right after the light changed, I started to go, and a few seconds later I heard this big thud…I thought for sure I hit something…It turned out someone threw an egg at my car…and chipped the paint pretty bad…I have a shot of it, but I have to put it on the computer.
2) To top this off, when I got home, after I washed the car, I was bringing it up into the driveway…I usually turn the car into our car port, but then have to back up a little to clear the other cars…Well I backed up too much, and hit the wall (it’s made of wood). I scratched my bumper, and took some paint off of that too..

So needless to say, my weekend kinda sucked. I’m gonna get some touch-up paint, and see what I can do about the side of my car, but as for the bumper it’s not the biggest deal..that can always be fixed later.