I don’t get it. Everything seems so slow, yet I don’t have time to do anything.
Last week I spent a lot of time working with my friend Ben, who happens to also be my business partner. You see, we’ve setup a company Force Performance which specializes in parts for 96+ Mustangs (and most other V8 Fords). We also can tune the car using the computer on all the Mustangs from 1988 to 2004…Gonna get 2005 stuff soon. So designing the site, and getting everything to work together took a bit of time - which includes getting the inventory in the catalog..which isn’t done yet :-(.
Work has been pretty slow during the day for me, but the pressure is building to the next release of our software - which puts me center stage again, so it’s a bit nerve racking.
My credit is still not so great because of Kohl’s…Who said “We fixed it already” to me, but would put in a request again..Uh huh, sure. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, and give it a few days, then I’m calling up TransUnion again, and if they don’t tell me anything I want to hear, I will call up Kohl’s again, and tell them to escalate it…if they don’t, they’ll be hearing from my lawyer :-D.
Yesterday my cousin made his Confirmation. I was his sponsor - he asked me, so I agreed to it. That was a nice ceremony, but we had to leave by 7:30 AM in order to make it up to my aunt’s house by 9 AM. We had to be at the church by 9:30, which we just made, because we had to wait for them to finish getting ready (they didn’t get up on time, unlike myself and my grandmother). We then had lunch / dinner at a Japanese place which did the cooking in front of you, which is always fun.
Things are doing well with Jay, which is good because we hadn’t spent much time with each other because of the above mentioned items LOL. We spent some time together last night, and had a good time.
So that brings us to today. I had planned on getting my car washed (it was dirty as anything), putting gas in the Nissan, cleaning the inside of my grandmother’s car, and doing some errands for my gramdother, like bringing down our Thanksgiving decorations. Well, My uncle has my Nissan, cause the alternator went on his truck. Oh well, he’ll have to put gas (he did once already). Never got to clean the inside of my grandmother’s car becuase I was busy trying to fix the surging idle she had (as you slowed down to a stop, the idle would drop really low like it was going to die, then go too high, then finally settle after two or three times)..well, I couldnt move the set screw which would fix it (why didnt Ford put a normal Phillips head on top of the screw??), but I found something really bad…The main thing which the Ford computer uses to determine how much air is coming in, was disconnected…Which would explain a lot of issues we’ve been having. Now, the problem is, once you connect it, the car runs worse than it does without it…which is DEFINATELY not a good thing. I will have to look into that sometime this week. Also her low oil pressure light came on, which in Ford cars basically means - “Hey moron, you have no oil, go get some NOW.” Which is bad, considering it’s only about 1000 miles past due oil change, which it should NOT have burned through 3+ qts of oil. I bought 4 qts, and put in 3.5, and it was full again. Aye. Cars.
In any case, I’m going to try updating this more often again, as I seem to have fallen out of the habit of doing so.