Kohls: Things are fixed…Which is nice to hear (or it seems they are…)…
The business is coming along well, I’m glad to say. We have our bank account, and are working on our merchant account..once we get that, we’re ready to go. :-) At work, the next software release has been pushed to next Tuesday, in the evening..but I will be running a test tomorrow against a setup which is just like the real one, so we can work out bugs.
Mom’s car: The genius mechanic that one of my uncles had us using decided it was a good idea to unplug that part I mentioned…basically because that part had failed..anyway, don’t know what I’m gonna do..will have to buy a new part eventually. I did clean her car eventually.
My Nissan: I have no idea….The brakes are GONE now. After my uncle borrowed it (last time he borrows anything from me), at which point he got cigarette ashes all over the interior, left me with near zero gas, and oh yeah, got a parking ticket…I went to put gas in it…and had a VERY hard time stopping…I had to use the emergency brake to stop the car.
I’m thinking of getting another car, and junking the Nissan..something in the $5-6k range with all wheel drive..Most likely a Subaru, VW, or Volvo. Gonna give it to mom, as long as she lets me use it in the winter.