Let me tell you…I’ve never seen such a place…Dave’s wife picked us up at the airport, and we drove down to our destination - Allegan, MI. This was about a 40 minute ride, during which time we all talked in the car. I found out that the used car business was basically supplemental income for them, and that they started out because they couldn’t find a car for their son without some dealer trying to rip them off. So we finally make it to the office…and don’t blink, or you’d miss it. There were 4 or 5 cars parked outside, a small building, and a small garage. That’s it. Once you got inside, there was a desk, and 2 tables. One table held the fax machine, one table held the coffee maker. I think there was a filing cabinet as well. Smallest place I’ve ever seen that actually conducts business as a car dealer. Both Dave and his wife were very nice though. Went out to look over the car, and it’s not bad…car needs some detailing, but not that bad. Then I try and connect my laptop. Turn the key into the “on” position, and try to start the software…No go. Then all of a sudden, the car beeps at me, and says there’s a problem with Traction Control…Hmm, that doesn’t sound good. Well, lets try and start…CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK…Hmm…that’s definately not good. Daaave! He says “Thats strange, I just had it running”…He jumps it with this little battery jumper thing-a-ma-bob, and the car turns over…We let it run while we do paperwork. This takes about 20 - 30 mins, afterward we get in the car, and go. Worst case scenario, we get a new battery. Or I thought. It turns out the LS uses a different sized battery than any of the other Lincolns, or Fords for that matter. Nobody except the dealer carries it. As I found out later, you CAN put in a standard one by removing a plastic piece that keeps the battery in place. I digress.