Centralia was a definately strange place. The roads in PA are strange looking, they have a reddish color to them. In Centralia everything seemed fine until you got to a particular part of the town…then things took a detour - literally.
In this one particular place in town, a landfill existed, with all sorts of trash there. One day, someone got the bright idea to start burning all of the trash. Problem was, they didn’t realize that underneath the landfill was coal. Now, there’s been an underground fire burning since 1960 that’s still burning today. It was an interesting experience to say the least. There were just holes that opened up that vented out gasses and smoke. Roadways started to collapse. It became so bad that they had to close off this road that went through the center of town. Below you’ll see some pictures of what I mentioned (courtesy of Rory,
who brought his camera.) (Sorry, still catching up on things…way behind.)