As of today, I move full time to the new office full time. The old office will be left without anyone inhabiting it until March, at which point we lose the lease on the place. At Viewpoint, some things are the same, some things are very different. First of all, things are much more relaxed at Unicast. Everything has a procedure at Viewpoint of how to go about doing something. The people are similar, but their entire development and QA departments like to work in low light. I have a desk lamp on my desk so I don’t go blind lol. The people have a similar work ethic though - nobody is in at the time they’;re supposed to be, perhaps this is why they insist you stay late. On paper, it’s a 35 hr work week - 9-5…But they expect you to be there from 9-6. We’ll see how long 6 PM nights last - I hate getting home at 7. Otherwise, I’m doing similar things to what I was doing at Unicast.