Today at 4 PM, I finally got my car back after 32 days of being in the shop…The car looks flawless….It seems like the car turns easier to the right, but if I remember, it always used to do that (it’s been so long since I really drove it cause of the winter and all :-( ), but other than that, and needing the front wheel balanced, it seems to be ok…I have a couple pics which I have to get off of the camera…But this thing shines like it did when it came from the factory..Because it is nicer then when I got the car…it shines THAT much. Needless to say, this did not come without a price - I was constantly frustrated by the owner saying he’d call me, and never did, and it turned out to be much more than I anticipated…Total bill $2800…But I don’t care. It’s gonna be rough for a while, but I can do it.

Overall…Very happy. :-)