The weekend was interesting…Some good stuff, some annoying stuff…I/my company (Force Performance) tuned our first 2005 Mustang GT on Saturday. Car was nice - black with red interior. Car came in making 278 RWHP and 300 RWTQ, and when we were done, and added a JLT cold air intake, it made 292 RWHP and 319RWTQ. Not bad really for what was done on it. Probably could have gotten another 2 or 3 HP out of it, but it was getting late in the day already. Then I went home and we had a BBQ with the family. That was the good news for the day. The bad news, was that shortly before I left from tuning the Mustang, my grandmother calls me and tells me the LS spilled coolant everywhere again. Not too happy with David Ford at the moment. Called them up, screamed, and told them I wanted it fixed. Unfortuantely for me, it turns out the coolant reservior cracked in half, and caused this issue (the second half of it). Or at least that’s what they say. So we got that fixed, and things are decent…Work is hectic at the moment, but by July things should be better.