The last few days have been quite interesting for the LS. Yesterday, in a few hours, myself and my friend Anthony replaced the passenger side valve cover…it really wasn’t that bad overall. Unfortunately the previous person who had the car “attempted” to repair the problem on their own, and didn’t do a very good job. No matter, it should be ok now. Only problem was, my uncle Eric drove the car beforehand, and got a flat tire. No big deal right? Wrong. 3 of 5 lug nuts were stripped. Got a AAA person with a 4-way tire iron to come over, got the lug nuts off. Put the spare on - only 17 PSI of air pressure - it’s suppoed to be 60. Well, I tried getting it to the gas station to pump up the air before bringing it to the dealer for a wheel-shaking issue. Didn’t make it to the gas station. My uncle Paul and his friend Ralph came by and we got the original tire fixed, and back on the car, which was then brought up to the dealer to be checked out. Long story short, the snow tires in the front were wearing very strangely, and was causing the problem. 4 New Toyo Proxies TPTs, and the shake is gone. Gonna monitor the wear pattern of the front tires to make sure things are OK though. Car seems to be driving pretty good now, still have the misfire at idle though. Recently a post on lincolnvscadillac has me thinking it might be a leaking fuel injector, which isn’t fun, but not impossible to fix.