Well this Friday my friend Mike asks me what I am doing…I told him I was cleaning my room. First off, it took me about 3 hours, but I threw out so much stuff it’s not even funny. As a result, I can walk through my room without any problems, and I have a mostly cleaned off table. So that worked out well.

He asked me if I could help him with finding some home theater equipment, because he had just purchased a new InFocus ScreenPlay 4085 projector. Now ordinarilly I would have told him to take it back, as it’s not HD. However, he got it for $400. It retails for $1400. So, mega deal #1 of the day. We looked online a little, and decided that going to Best Buy would be a good idea (he works for them) to find a home theater system. Well, we went kinda late, about 9:30. Even then, there were a good amount of people in the store, and inventory EVERYWHERE. I mean boxes at ends of the isle…I think they would have failed a fire safety inspection. Markdowns everywhere, giveaway bundles, and discounted DVDs all over the place - I got “Catch me if you can” for $5.99..Pretty damn good if you ask me. I don’t think dealing with all the people is worth it though, for the most part.