Answer: Not a whole lot. For the most part, my life is in a steady-state at the moment. Work is ok, and I just got a raise, so I’m ok there for some time. No super-crazy bills to worry about, so finances are under control. Things are going well with Leon, and I don’t see that changing. So at this point, things are just moving along day by day.

Why today for an update, you ask? That would be becuase I’m home still kinda sick. Wednesday afternoon I started to feel a dryness in my throat. Stupid me thought it was just my office (which is not exactly the best environment, so it wasn’t totally out of the question..), so instead of starting to take Zicam right there, I just drank more water. Didn’t work. By Wednesday night my throat was really bothering me, so I decided that I’d at least sleep a little later on Thursday to try and make up for me not sleeping enough. Well, I slept terribly, and when I did wake up at 11:30 on Thursday, I still felt terrible, so I called in sick. By Thursday night I was starting to recover, but I didn’t want to go back right away to then give it back to whoever gave it to me….so I took Friday as a sick day as well. Besides, my nose is still running like crazy, and I think I’m gonna go through my box of tissues in a day.