This weekend was kind of adventurous…ok, maybe not. Fun, though. Leon has a friend who recently had surgery on his nose to repair his mucus membrane between his ear and nose. He is doing fine now, but Leon wanted to go see him, and see X-Men 3 as well. I wanted to see X-Men this weekend too, so I went along with him. His friend lives in NJ, so it was a little bit of a trek, but I decided that driving would be fun. There were a total of 8 of us visiting him, seven of us came from NY in 2 cars, and one came from NJ and met us there. I drove the Mustang, and for the most part it was fine - traffic was not bad on the NJ Turnpike, only a little heavy on the GW Bridge.

So we make it to his house ok, and thats where the fun begins. We hang out there for a while, and then decide to look for movie times. It was around 9 PM at this point, and we were looking for movies around 10:40 - 11:30 PM range. This seemed to be enough time to get there. What I was not aware of was the fact that the closest movie theater was almost 25 minutes away.

We make it to the first theater around 10:25, and 10:40 is sold out, with huge lines in the place. So we figured we wouldn’t get the 11:30 showing either, so we try another theater. This theater is an additional 25 minute drive away, oh, and did I mention the rain? It was raining quite heavy at this point, and as a result we were driving around 30 MPH or so. I hate driving in the rain, and it being dark makes it ten times worse.

We arrive at the second theater at about 11:05, and the 11:30 is sold out, but there’s a final showing at 12 AM. So we purchase tickets for the 12 AM showing. After this, it’s uneventful as we’re just waiting for the show to begin.

The movie was pretty good, but in my opinion not as good as the first two. I really enjoyed them, and the facts that this film wasn’t directed by the same director, as well as not having the same screenwriter definitely had an impact on it. The action was good, but something wasn’t quite right. On top of that, most of the people I went with were comic book fans, and were very disappointed by the ending.

After the movie, we went to get some food - we were all hungry at this point, but especially Leon and I, as we didn’t eat anything before going; The rest of the people that we met in NY ate something at McDonald’s, which I refuse to do on the quality of food, and Leon refuses to do because he’s a vegetarian. So we go to find a diner, and of course, the one we pull into, closes, 25 minutes before we got there. The movie let out around 2:15 AM, and the diner closed at 2 AM. So we travelled a little farther (hmm, this seems to be a recurring theme here…), and found another diner. The food was OK, the service was so/so, but we were all relatively happy with the food in the end.

I got a cappuccino (of so-so quality) from the diner, then we went back to the house, said good-bye and were on our way to NY. The drive home was uneventful, except for it being kinda long. We finally made it home, as the sun was coming up. We then passed out, and slept very soundly.