On Friday, we basically did some shopping - we got the things we needed to get to make our trip enjoyable…We picked up a few things we didn’t have…I had a razor, but no blades…so I was going to pick up blades, but found a combo for a razor, blades, and hair trimmer for $7.51, so I jumped on that. I bought some batteries for my digital camera, because I only had 2, not 4. We picked up some sunblock (mom got SPF 15, I got 50), and other random stuff. We just relaxed a little while walking around, and then went home. The beauty of a vacation is - no schedules. We went out for dinner at a buffett place, which was better then I expected. We watched Flightplan on DVD (Not my first choice but it was watchable), and then went to bed, as we were going to the beach the next day.